Today sucked

Today sucked
Yes, it did
Today sucked


Pick a Pocket

One time I was playing pool
A guy said, “Pick a pocket”
So I said, “Okay, corner pocket”
Then I stole his wallet

A trip to the ocean

A trip to the ocean
reflections of blue
the soft, gentle motion
each morning anew

A vision of mystery
on horizon I see
a ship called “My Life”
awaiting for me

It beckons in tones
of foggy refrain –
a pirate’s reminder
of life lived in pain

So off to the future
away from the past
I sail on the ocean
intrepid at last

I am sick to death of you

It seems like
every five minutes
you are criticizing
what is wrong
with the world

It’s always someone else
It’s always this group
or that group
or this law
or that law

I am sick of you
I am sick of you
I am sick of you
I am sick to death of you

She Came In

I remember that one time
Exposed tongue and all
How she smashed through me head
Like a big wrecking ball

I screamed, then I uttered
How atrocious is she?
So, could someone please turn
off the fucking tv

A drink with Marv

I had a drink with Marv
We talked of old times
The good times

Remember that time we went to Vegas?
Remember the strippers?
Yeah, good times
And remember that time I killed you?

Marv and his silly, goofy grin
No man, I don’t remem…
and then he got a strange look on his face
…and dropped dead

The poison had done it’s job

Oh come on man, that was the best time of all